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“Travel-ING On: The Collaborative Mobile App for Alberta’s Local History and Tourism” – A success story of Sheila Willis’s passion project, from its humble beginnings as the History Check App to its current version as Travel-ING On, which offers community guides across Northern Alberta and beyond. The app has won multiple awards for heritage awareness and marketing, and its success is the result of a collaborative effort with volunteers, partners, and alliances. Sheila is still adding new features and marketing the app in 2023, with overwhelmingly positive feedback fueling her efforts.

Sheila Willis, Tourism Collaboration Solutions For Destination Service Providers
Sheila Willis
Client Services Consultant

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Travel-ING On, Alberta Edition, was initially known as the History Check App, which aimed to create a single platform for multiple organizations in northern Alberta to share information about their local history, thereby eliminating geographical boundaries and the need for multiple apps. As the concept evolved, it was clear that travel services and other points of interest could be easily added, offering community guides across the north. In 2015, a non-profit society was formed to raise funds for the project, but with few grants available, the project struggled. Despite this setback, Sheila Willis continued to pursue her passion for the project, launching the northern Alberta app in 2017 with minimal funding. The app was later expanded to include all of Alberta in 2019, and was transformed into a business platform from a non-profit.

Sheila, who describes herself as a housewife from the bush, has set her sights on taking Travel-ING-On (the rebranded version of History Check) to other provinces in Canada and beyond. Her determination has resulted in the app winning multiple awards and being recognized for its outstanding achievement in heritage awareness and marketing.

The mobile app’s success is the result of a collaborative effort, with Sheila organizing the programming and adding most of the sites herself, but with assistance from volunteers, partners, and alliances. Sheila is still adding ING-Things, marketing, and doing all the necessary things to make the mobile app go viral in 2022, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from app users and demo recipients fueling her efforts.

Sheila expresses deep appreciation for all the volunteers, partners, and alliances that have helped make the app a reality, and is now accepting email money transfers at in any amount from those who wish to contribute to the project. The answer to the question is simply “Thanks”.

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Get Involved With Impact Tourism’s Multi-Use App –

Impact Tourism’s multi-use app offers a searchable map-based experience for heritage explorers and travelers looking for specific Alberta-wide destinations and experiences. Users can search by keywords to find services, attractions, and amenities, with completed routes including museum tours, grain elevator tours, and bilingual (French) tours.

Impact Tourism was started to present travellers, and heritage explorers, with a single, multi-use app to find Alberta experiences.


In addition to Community Menus, and Near Me features, this searchable, Alberta wide, map-based app allows users to search by keyword to produce a map (including their location) that includes specific destination choices.


Keywords can direct customers to specific services, attractions and amenities. They can also produce maps for specific destination choices. A few of the completed routes or tours are;
  • Alberta Museum Tours (Search Museums)
  • Alberta Big Icon Tours (Search Big Icons)
  • Alberta Royal Canadian Legions (Search Legions)
  • Historic Grain Elevator Tour (Search Elevators)
  • Heritage Highway Sign Tours (Search Heritage Markers)
  • Bilingual (French) Tours (Search TAFR)
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Educating Albertans’ About Alberta Leisure Opportunities

Very few Albertans know of “Alberta locations outside the larger cities and Banff/Jasper National Parks as a place to visit on a leisure trip” (5%). The largest proportions said they knew ‘something’ (48%) or ‘a little’ about them (27%), leaving room for further knowledge growth, as only 18% indicated they knew ‘a lot’.

  • Heritage Partnerships

Underdeveloped Heritage Tourism

The success of cultural and heritage tourism is highly dependent on strong partnerships between tourism and cultural heritage sectors, which can result in social, economic, and cultural benefits for communities.

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Building Bridges For Sustainable Tourism In Alberta Communities.

Working together cooperatively towards a more vibrant and resilient local economy

Municipal – First Nation – Metis Settlement Partners

Sheila Willis, Tourism Collaboration Solutions For Destination Service Providers
Sheila Willis

Client Services Consultant

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Sheila Willis

Client Services Consultant

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Sheila Willis, Tourism Collaboration Solutions For Destination Service Providers
Sheila Willis
Client Services Consultant

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