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Alberta Community Capacity Building Partnerships

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In 2015, our founding year, collaboration was an integral part of Impact Tourism’s founding vision.Through the Travel-ING On / History Check app, has created a large base of strategic partnerships producing a viable and successful collaboration model.

Collaboration is now widely recognized and acknowledged as a vital component for sustainable tourism. It enables co-creation and marketing. This approach provides opportunities for community capacity building and small businesses to grow, especially in hard to market area.

ImpacdtTourism.ca sheds light on actions stakeholders can take, so that community organizations & businesses can mobilize, synchronize, and synthesize their resources and efforts toward a sustainable tourism destination community.

Tourism can become more sustainable when it ‘takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities’

Alberta Small Business' Strategic Partnerships


Alberta Municipalities

We establish connections with 344 municipalities, First Nations, and Metis settlements, which transform into partnerships for creating sustainable tourism through the pillars of trust, transparency, expertise, and affordability.


Years Community Bridging & Building Social Capital

Our commitment to fostering interactions that promote partnerships and collaboration among governance bodies, organizations, groups, and businesses has generated “social capital,” which translates into trust and facilitates bridging coordination and cooperation for the mutual benefit of all parties involved.


Business Contacts

Through our extensive and long-term interactions with thousands of small businesses, community stakeholder organizations, non-profit service providers, and heritage societies from both urban and rural regions of Alberta, we have come to understand that bridging efforts tend to yield broader social benefits beyond private gains for a specific group.

Bridging is crucial for enabling diverse social members to collaborate and take collective action to address issues that affect them. It is also instrumental in building local linkages, promoting knowledge sharing and organizational learning, as well as generating and disseminating social and technical innovations.

When building sustainable tourism in a community, bridging through social capital offers distinct advantages over bonding relationships. Bonding relationships tend to focus on creating tight-knit networks among individuals or groups with similar backgrounds or interests. In contrast, bridging relationships foster collaboration and cooperation among diverse stakeholders, leading to a wider range of perspectives and expertise that can ultimately lead to more inclusive and sustainable tourism initiatives. Additionally, bridging relationships often involve independent third-party facilitators, such as consultants, who can offer unbiased guidance and support for sustainable tourism development.

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Building Bridges For Sustainable Tourism In Alberta Communities.

Working together cooperatively towards a more vibrant and resilient local economy

Municipal – First Nation – Metis Settlement Partners

Collaborate with ImpactTourism.ca to Grow Your Business and Develop Sustainable Tourism in Your Community

Sheila Willis, Client Services Consultant, ImpactTourism.ca

Grow Your Business While Making a Difference in Your Community Through Collaborating With ImpactTourism.ca

Small businesses and non-profit organizations face significant challenges in addressing the socioeconomic problems that affect their communities.

However, they can achieve more by partnering with other organizations, including those from different sectors. Collaboration is essential in implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and achieving economic and social missions like sustainable tourism.

At ImpactTourism.ca, we offer a platform for such partnerships, and we encourage small businesses and non-profit organizations to join us. By participating in cross-sector collaborations, you can grow your business while contributing to the sustainable development of your community.

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“Every organization and business as a community resource has an important role and responsibilities in the collaborative creation of sustainable tourism.”

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