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Designed to bring customers to your door through in-app searches and to enhance the visual appeal of your complimentary site listing we offer 3 advertising components:

  • Keyword Advertising
  • Additional Images 
  • Logo Branding


Provide every resident or guest of Alberta with information on the products or services they require and that you supply. 

The following scenarios will give you an example of the thousands of keywords than be utilized to bring those customers to your door as they search for their specific needs or wants.  Once app users have searched History Check, their results will appear in a list of a map format.

At $25 annually for each keyword or phrase of up to 10 characters, this advertising feature allows your to tell potential customers that you supply exactly what they are looking for.

To understand the power of keywords we have created the following scenarios.

Are We There Yet?  Those words have been bouncing out of the back seat at a louder and louder volume for the last 2 hours.

Keyword Solutions:  Kid Friendly, Kids Activities, Indoor Kids Playground, kids toys, kid friendly restaurant, soft ice cream treats, swimming pool, splash park

Where’s the dog food? Ah.  You are finally at your camping spot, and its time to feed your four legged family member.  As you search frantically through your belongings you realize that you forgot the dog food that was in the kennel that happens to be at home right by the door.

Business Keyword Solutions: Pet Supplies, Kennels, Raw Food Diet, Pet toys, Pet Foods, Pet Food, Natural Pet food

Other Related Keywords:  Pet Grooming, Pet Kenneling, Doggie Day Care, Pet Life Jackets, Veterinarians, Vet Supplies, Pet Medicine, Skunk Off

Thump, Thump, Thump When the sound of thump thump and the steering wheel goes weird in your hands you might just have a problem.  Hope to heck that the spare is pumped up!

Keyword Solutions:  Air for Tires, Air compressor, towing, mobile tire service, emergency service, after hours service, tire repair, new tires

Other Related Keywords: Auto Parts, Brand Name Auto Parts, Mechanics, Auto Service Centre

What’s  for Dinner?  We all have our food cravings or dietary restrictions.  So what’s on the menu tonight?

Keyword Solutions: Vegan Menu, Gluten Free Options, Surf and Turf, Chinese Food, East Indian Food, Ukrainian (or other cultural) food, butcher shop, farm to table

Other Related Keywords: Licensed Dining, Family Friendly Restaurant, buffets, smorgasbords, Take Out Menu, Food Pick Up, Food Delivery


Visually tell app users about your business with additional images at $25 each.  Your first image is complimentary and you can add two more for the low rate of $25 annually.  Images should be 640 x 480 pixels in JPEG format.

Add your logo for brand visibility.  It display not only on the app but when app users share your site on social media.  At $100 annually its a great way to increase brand visibility!

Choose which advertising options are right for you.  All are additions to you complimentary site listing which includes:

  • One Image
  • Textual Description of Services
  • Contact Details with phone number, email & primary link
  • Additional links of site listings and local supporting organizations

Additional advertising options are:

  • Images – two are available at $25 each annually
  • Logo Branding – add your logo and direct link to website of choice for $100 annually
  • Keywords – multiple keywords and phrases can be added (maximum 10 characters each) at $25 annually
  • Premium Advertising Package – save $50 when you purchase 2 images, logo branding and 10 keywords or phrases for $350 annually – less than a dollar a day

To Purchase:

  1. Email
  2. If you do not have a complimentary site listing include the information required. (Business name, information and one image)
  3. If you choose additional images, please include up to two additional images in JPEG file format.  Preferred size 640 x 480 pixels.
  4. If you choose to add you logo please include in JPEG format.  Preferred size is 350 x 350 pixels.
  5. If you choose to add keywords or phrases, please give us your preferences.

We will respond:

  1. To verify that we have received your order and supply you with a HC File Number.
  2. We will verify you information, or if we have questions or suggestions.
  3. An invoice will be sent by email, payable by Email Money Transfer, Check or Visa, once you have approved your site listing.

The History Check mobile app has combined attractions, services, businesses, history & other points of interest on one mobile app for Alberta.

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