The History Check Heritage & Travel Companion Mobile App is a map based mobile app that includes 650+ communities and regions across Alberta. 

Each community menu offers site listings that include attractions, services, and heritage sites and stories.

Each site listing or Point of Interest can contain images, information, contact details and multiple links.

Through collaboration and crowd sourcing the History Check mobile app will grow to an estimated 20,000+ sites.

Through cross marketing, the reach to app users is amplified across hundreds of websites, social media pages and more.  This allows participants to add their information and benefit economically through this expanded reach.

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The 3 minute demo will show the basic operation of History Check.

Free Site Listings are offered to businesses and non-profits.

Keywords In-App Advertising (search functions) are Free to non-profits.  Businesses are charged $350 a year to add 10 keywords or phrases.  This business advertising is our long term self-sustainability plan.

Collaboration, Alliances & Growth

The History Check Mobile App started as a grassroots initiative to share northern Alberta history.  As the concept developed, it became apparent that what we had designed could be used across Alberta for not only history and heritage but to share attractions, services and businesses with Alberta travelers.

Since its inception in 2015 the History Check project has gained hundreds of collaborators and alliances.  We are growing rapidly with new alliances and partnerships being formed daily.  The information continues to grow and the download numbers increase daily.

We currently have 20+ municipal alliances and are reaching out to others to ensure they are aware of the opportunity presented through this initiative.

The following video by Royce Chwin, CEO of Travel Alberta, and Message from the Premier of Alberta demonstrate the scope of those alliances.

Watch the video below from Royce Chwin, CEO of Travel Alberta

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One Province – One Mobile App

Tourism is an $8.5 billion dollar industry in Alberta, according to Travel Alberta Statistics.  The History Check Heritage & Travel Companion App offers communities across the province the ability to create community menus complete with every attractions, service and historical site or story.

The average cost to build a mobile app is $171,450.  Apps with fewer features are available for $10,000 to $50,000.  By combining individual site listings, community menus, and search functions History Check offers each region a ready-made mobile app for residents and travelers simply by providing the data.

The One App – One Province approach can save Alberta taxpayers millions of dollars when comparing the cost of individual apps for each region or sector such as Farmer’s Markets, AG Societies, Rider Friendly Businesses etc.  From the app users viewpoint they can download History Check and explore Alberta from one end to the other, without multiple searches for information per region, marketing sectors, products or services.

Below is our request from Municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements, Towns, Villages and other governance organizations to collaborate in this initiative. For ease of reading we have used the term MD’s or municipalities.

Financial Request

A financial contribution is requested from each Alberta Municipality.  We are flexible in this request as many MD’s work tourism organizations, economic development groups and other organizations to promote tourism and economic diversity.

Our guideline formula is based on adding the population and the square kilometres of your municipality and dividing by two.  This is the requested dollar amount.

There are municipalities whose large geographical mass or population prohibit involvement based on the guide line formula.  We ask that you start the conversation based on an economically feasible rate for your region, and work with us to arrive at a figure that allows us to pay for associated costs, while including your municipality and region and an alliance and collaborator in this initiative.

Content Collaboration

When you become an alliance and collaborator, we will ask for a list of municipal run sites along with their GPS coordinates, and any other information you can provide so we can create the site listings on the History Check mobile app.  Many municipalities have the GPS coordinates in their GIS systems and can extract them into an Excel file.

These site listings include parks, splash parks, boat launches, picnic area, municipal campgrounds, libraries, cemeteries, potable water sources, sani-dumps and more.   To view a list of sites and keywords, click here.

Other Community Benefits

Return on Investment and Community Commitment are part of the financial request.  Tourism is an $8.5 billion dollar industry in Alberta.  Your contribution to this project will not be felt directly, but through the businesses and non-profits in your region.  Our business plan is designed to continue to give back to Alberta communities, support volunteers, and encourage economic diversity through tourism.

  • Free Site Listings enable every attraction or service to be included, no matter how big or small.  For sites with limited advertising capabilities this allows them to be found on the app with no financial investment via advertising costs.
  • No Charge to non-profits for Keyword Advertising.  This allows your local organizations to include their halls, annual events and other information and to retain their dollars for other projects which brings guests, and their dollars, to your community.
  • Affiliate Marketing Program.  For non-profits wishing to participate, they become the sales people for your region.  For every paid advertisement they initiate we will send them 25% of the advertising fee.  As fees are annual, this will continue with each renewal.
  • Less Than a Dollar a Day Advertising Rates.  For businesses who choose to be included in Keyword In-App Advertising, the introductory rate is $350 a year, much less than the cost of traditional advertising.  Our goal is to become self-sustainable, but to ensure that advertising funds are still available to support other local initiatives and organizations.

Other project aspects that support community are being planned for the future.

We look forward to working with you.  Additional information is on other pages of this website.  To get started or for more information please call Sheila Willis, Project Manager, at 780-805-1390 or email