Advertise Alberta Businesses In The History Check App

The History Check Mobile App was built to engage people in the Alberta experience.  

The award winning, handheld map includes Alberta’s history, heritage site and stories, attractions, services, and other Points of Interest.

As a social enterprise, Impact Tourism has developed a unique blend of services & marketing strategies for all sectors that provide cost effective alternatives to attract travellers and other customers.

Numerous alliances and partners contribute regional information and market to their unique audiences, creating a collaborative effort in building Alberta’s premier travel companion app.

Attracting Customers Through “Swarm Advertising” & Collaboration

70% of people use mobile apps to find travel services & experiences.  Impact Tourism uses a form of collaboration called “Swarm Marketing” .t

Our growing number of alliances and other partners provide travel information, historical sites and stories along with other Points of Interest to add to the History Check App while promoting downloads through their unique audiences.  Together this creates a collaborative solution that enhances everyone’s marketing efforts across Alberta.

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Enhance Your Free Listing with Advertising Options!

Impact Tourism offers free site listings to all businesses.  Enhance your free listing with additional image, logo branding.  Increase your exposure with targeted keyword advertising.  (See example)

History Check Feature Free Listing Advertising Options
Images First image included $25 each per year

2 additional images available

Textual Description & Contact Details Included No Charge
Keywords or Phrases

for Targeted App Searches

Community Name Search included $25 each per year

10 character maximum

Multiple Links for Engagement

(Organizations & Community Links)

Included No Charge
Premium Advertising Package N.A $350 per year

Includes 2 Images, Logo Branding

& 10 Keywords or Phrases

Keywords Explained

Keywords allow customer to find the products and services you offer through interest driven searches.

Keywords are important across many sectors as they present the consumer with what they need or want during their Alberta experience. In selecting your keywords, ask yourself what does your business supply that those travelling across your region may need, or want to access.

As History Check includes so many service sectors we have begun to compile a list of keywords that may be utilized.  Ask your Client Care Agent for assistance or contact us at for more information on keyword considerations.

Sector Friendly Keywords may be at no charge, as we develop alliances with various organizations & groups across the province.

Complimentary Keywords are offered to all nonprofit organizations.  In addition, other “sector friendly” keywords are available to support industry partners and app users. Click Here to see our growing list.

Register for Your Free Site Listing & Ad Options

To register for your free listing and advertising email the following information.  A Customer Service Rep will contact your shortly.

  • Up to 3 Images

    • The first is included with free site listings.  Include additional if purchasing advertising feature.

  • Description of your business or service with details for customer contact (phone, email, website link).

    • Included in Free Listing.

  • Website & Social Media Links, along with other links to local and pertinent information.

    • Included in Free Site Listing

  • Keywords or Phrases (Your Client Care Representative will assist)

    • Advertising Feature, along with Complimentary Keywords that may apply.

  • Logo if Adding as an Advertising Component to site listing or for additional Link & Logo Advertising

Email with the above information.  We will build your listing, working with you to ensure its customization to your wishes.  An invoice will be issued.

Save $50 with a Premium Advertising Pack.  For $350 annually you will receive 2 additional images, 10 keywords or phrases, and your Logo addition.  See below for details.

Explainer Video For Alberta Businesses

App Demos Included

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
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View our video explaining History Check for businesses. Working History Check demo included.

Save $50 by Purchasing Our Premium Ad Package for $350 annually –

Less than a dollar a day!

Upgrade Your Free Business Listing In History Check!

Here’s What You Receive With Your Advertising Upgrade

Each site listing on History Check is free.  It includes an image, information about your business or location, contact details and links to your website and social media.

Businesses can upgrade their listing to utilize keywords to attract customers through interest driven searches, additional images and logo addition.

The focus of keywords it to allow customers to find the products and services you offer. Keywords are important across many sectors as they present the consumer with what they need or want during their Alberta experience.

In selecting your keywords, ask yourself what does your business supply that those traveling across your region may need, or want to access. As History Check includes so many service sectors we have begun to compile a list of keywords that may be utilized.  Ask your Client Care Agent for assistance or contact us at for more information on keyword considerations.

Advertising features are based on annual fees:

Keywords = $25 each (max 10 characters for keyword or phrase)

Images = $25 each (2 additional images can be added)

Logo = $100 (replaced “Click Here for Website) on free site listing.  For additional advertising opportunities Link & Logo can be added to other eligible sites.

Our Premium Ad Package is $350 annually and includes these additions to your free site listing.


Upgrade so your Business Listing will come up in App Searches by keywords related to products, services, and travel amenities.  History Check App users search for specific services that are close to their current location. In upgrading your business listing your business services can be found by the keywords you choose.

Add Ten (10) keyword or phrases to your Business Listing.


As an advertiser you can add 2 additional images to your site listing, giving potential customers an enhanced view of your location, products and services.

These photos should be of the 4:3 ratio and can be of your business storefront, or related to products and services you feel travelers will be most interested in.


Upgrading allows to you brand your Free Listing – add your logo image.

When viewing your Business Listing, if they click on your logo image, it will take the App User to your business link, which can be your website, facebook page, twitter, or other social media account.


Information on the History Check app is compiled from Alberta stakeholder collaboration, and is loaded with heritage points of interest along with other experiences, things to do & see, travel related information, entertainment, special or annual events, recreation activities, and much more. Travelers with a mobile device in hand, can access information on various products or services, as a self-guided travel experience, covering more than 650+ Alberta communities as Alberta’s Travel Companion App .


History Check In-App Advertising is a collaborative advertising platform that promotes visiting and interacting with Alberta service providers. History Check app encourages travelers to visit and purchase services & products in more than 650+ Alberta communities, at the moment a potential customer is most receptive; while the traveler is in your immediate region, and seeking those specific types of services.

Participating in the History Check In-App Advertising program promotes your business, products, and services directly to travelers within Alberta.  Your participation enhances awareness of services in your region, encouraging more visitors to interact within your community.  Getting your In-App Advertisement placed now, locks your business into our Introductory Offer at a reduced annual rate of future advertising pricing. 


History Check is a powerful Travel Companion App that promotes community-level interaction through heritage points of interest, attractions, and travel experiences for those taking in Alberta experience. The result: better traveler engagement and awareness of sightseeing, adventure, and activity opportunities.


As a local historian, Sheila Willis began promoting heritage tourism and other services in her small, rural community. With an idea in hand on how to expand promotion across northern Alberta, Sheila  consulted with Scott Astle, and brought him into the History Check app project as Technical Lead. Scott helped transform Sheila’s ideas into technical operations of a full featured map-based app, loaded with Alberta heritage informative and travel related content. History Check expanded province wide in June 2019. 

Sheila founded the History Check app in early 2015. Initially started as a non profit, History Check was brought under the management of Impact Tourism in late 2018. Organizational structure and partnerships with municipalities, historical societies, tourism organizations,  and contributors, started forming in Spring 2015.

How History Check App Enhances the Travel Experience

70% of travellers use mobile apps to find travel services & attractions.  Click here to learn more about the market.

Tourism studies show that 70% of all travelers use their mobile devices to research needed services and experiences, while travelling. As an ever-growing compilation, the History Check app is creating the most comprehensive collection of Alberta-related heritage, travel services, and ‘things to do’ information.

The more travel related information provided to a traveler about the region visited, the more they will spend, and the longer they will stay.  Studies have shown 36% of travelers would pay more for tailored travel information and experiences. The History Check app offer travelers the ability to customize their experience, creating a self-guided tour of Alberta experiences.

Heritage travelers stay longer at their destinations and spend more money there than other types of travelers. Over 70% of travelers visited one or more of the following cultural heritage attractions: historic attraction; provincial, local, or national park; an art gallery or museum; concert, play, or musical; or an ethnic or ecological heritage site.

Travelers say that trips are more memorable if they include a heritage activity where they learn something. Many visitors said they extended their stay because of a heritage activity. The majority of these travelers stay over night at local hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or campgrounds. Heritage travelers tend to put more money back into the community.

History Check combines heritage tourism, attractions, and services for a unique Alberta travel experience. Heritage Tourism uses all inclusive collaboration to develop sustainable economies, creates jobs & economic development opportunities, adding strength to local economies while protecting natural & cultural resources.  Better for your business as advertisers, better for the community.

Travelers want to experience something new. With the digital distribution of travel information, History Check is changing the way local operators do business; As travelers are more apt to visit places with a strong community identity, your advertisement contributes to the development of community image.

Let’s Compare Dollar For Dollar Advertising

Collaboration in Advertising

No other Canadian travel app offers “Swarm Advertising”. The more businesses that participate in History Check’s In-App Advertising, the larger and stronger the advertising swarm becomes.  As the swarm increases, so does the effectiveness of the History Check mandate of collaborative and amplified marketing.

For your business, using audience targeted keywords in your in-app advertisement, ensures your advertising dollars are aimed directly at users looking for specific travel services and amenities you provide. For your community, your in-app advertisement contributes to other advertisers and site listings for a complete view of your community.

With each In-App Advertisements our advertising & marketing budget increases, attracting more app users through our researched approach to targeting these users from those most likely to be visiting Alberta communities like yours. Through trade shows, conventions, and larger awareness campaigns we can focus on the short & medium distance travelers across western Canada that comprise more than 70+% of most Alberta traveling.

From our time spent researching tourism industry statistics, we know that main travel purpose for roughly 2 out of every 5 trips in Canada by Canadians is to visit friends or family. Roughly about 1/3 of all domestic trips were for holidays, leisure or recreation (equating about 96.4 million trips across the nation in 2018). Trips for other reasons such as attending conventions, trade shows or shopping represented 14.2 per cent of all domestic trips, while 9.6 per cent were for business-related purposes.

By advertising in History Check, you can take advantage of the increased use of mobile devices for finding travel services and contact travelers touring in and through Alberta communities – no other travel app offers this customized and focused approach to targeted customer acquisitions.

A Social Enterprise – History Check App Advertising Contributes to Alberta Communities’ Macro-Economy  Through Our “Affiliate Client Care Program”

History Check offers the opportunity for non-profits to supplement annual budgets, through our “Affiliate Client Care Program” putting your community first in line with any potential revenue generation the project creates.

Many regional non-profits already work closely with area businesses, for support and sponsorship. By selling In-App advertising to these businesses, non-profits such as local community museums, historical societies, chambers of commerce, ag-societies, rotary clubs, etc. can earn a commission with potential yearly residual revenues.

(Non-profit organizations interested in participating in our “Affiliate Client Care Program” should send email to:

Through the Affiliate Client Care Program and other project aspects, the History Check project puts your community first. You are not just spending a dollar a day in advertising to help increase the awareness of your business’ services and products – you are making a social statement about wanting to be a contributor to your community’s economic growth and diversity.

Advertising Travel Related Services & Products, What Does That Include?

No other community accessible advertising resource offers such a reasonably, affordable introductory rate. You will be advertising your business to a global, targeted, audience; and to potential travelers that will be driving right passed your business. History Check creates awareness of your travel related services and other amenities using keywords.

The keywords, which users can search, include anything and everything that a traveler driving down Alberta highways and roads would consider ‘essential’ to their travel experience. Of course, this covers accommodation & lodging, vehicle rental, fuel stations, convenience stores, groceries, clothing stores, laundry services, dining, fast food, entertainment, and recreation activities – just to name a few of hundreds of amenity related services accessed by travelers.

Then we get into special interests & needs; such as family-friendly, rider-friendly, pet-friendly, family change rooms, firewood, fishing licenses or supplies, ice, boat rentals, ATV rentals, guided tours, vegetarian menus, gluten-free foods, air for tires, car washes, special access, special services – the list can include thousands of keywords.

Inside of the History Check app “search features”, an App User can ‘search’ these travel related keywords to find the services closet to their current location. Participating in In-App advertising, places you in sight of those users, looking for what your business offers, and your community as a destination of choice.

This travel planning element allows travelers to find immediate needs, or to plan ahead to find which community and businesses offers those needed or desired services before they ever set foot in Alberta or Canada.

Traditional advertising doesn’t give your business this kind of exposure to potential, future customers – only History Check app does.

Comparing Other In-Community Advertising Opportunities

In-Community Sport Events Complex, Grounds, and Calendars

Supporting local sports teams, recreational complexes, and community organizations through advertising on banners, boards, and calendars is an important aspect of being a community involved business – for many, it’s “a must”.  This format of advertising is about supporting the community, and making a clear statement that your business does. It’s an investment in the community’s non-profit and sports related organizations.

History Check In-App Advertising costs less than a dollar a day and is focused on bringing new and repeat travelers to your business – while also including locations and information on recreational complexes, ball diamonds etc. bringing community visitors to those events where you advertise.

Regional Newspaper Advertising & Flyers Distribution

Local newspaper & magazine advertising, along with advertising flyers distribution is a common practice for many small businesses and service providers. This is a great way of advertising new or time-limited products and services to community residents who may be your existing customers.

The average regional newspaper costs between $150 to $500 a month for a business card sized ad. A quarter page ad in a weekly newspaper can cost $400 to $1000 per week, depending of the size of your community and the circulation of the newspaper.

With an introductory rate of $350 a year, utilizing History Check In-App advertising enables you to increase your clientele from outside sources at a minimal fee, while still supporting any local advertising that your do.

Regional Radio & Television Advertising

Regional radio and television advertising commercials target increasing short to medium distance awareness of your business services and products to regional travelers-as potential customers.  But this type of advertising can be expensive depending on the options accessed.

Dollar for dollar spent, radio & television advertising is a serious investment for the potential of generating new customers from travelers visiting and passing through your community.   History Check‘s “swarm advertising” approach allow us to keep our pricing low and still generate an effective method of reaching a segment of potential customers that would not likely see any of these other advertising options, when it comes to increasing business services awareness to travelers visiting and passing through your region.

History Check App - Alberta's Travel Companion App


What originally started as a project focusing on Northern Alberta heritage in 2015, has grown into Alberta wide Travel Companion App offering attractions, heritage, and services. Sheila’s work with the History Check app project has received many awards and accolades. The innovative use of technology has the History Check project nominated for Governor General’s “Canadian History” award for contribution to Canadians and Alberta communities at large, as well as a nomination for Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s “2019 Canadian Tourism Awards” in the ‘Innovation in Tourism’ category.

History Check has amassed thousands of app downloads across the Apple IOS and Android mobile device platforms, while featuring an ever-growing number of points of interests. Through alliances with municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements, historical societies, community organizations, and Albertan’s at large these sites continue to grow to exceed 20,000+ points of interest.

History Check App project works closely with many municipal and provincial supporters of our project; Such as historical societies, museums, archives, and related organization; including consultations with other historical organizations within First Nations bands, and Metis Settlements to assure represented information is properly verified and vetted as Alberta community’s history, assuring responsibilities of indigenous reconciliation and cultural representation maintains the highest degree of authenticity possible.

History Check has already received expressed interest to offer content for other Canadian provinces and territories. As our project continues to grow across Canada, future app releases will offer a whole new set of app user features that will enhance and advance the app users experience. 

For the supporting advertisers getting in on the ground floor of version 1.0 release, version 2.0 will hold some amazing enhancements that will help advance how the advertisers track the use of advertising keywords for targeting customers based upon their travel services and amenities needs.

Now is the time to get involved as an Alberta advertiser – take advantage of the introductory price offered for an In-App Ad, as History Check continues grow. 

Size Of Images To Submit With Your Advertising Upgrade

640 x 480 pixels in-app advertising image sizeYour In-App advertisement, as a graphic image, needs to be a standard 4:3 ratio.

You can submit any image file dimensions, as long as it adheres to the 4:3 ratio – and does not exceed our file size upload limitation of 10MB.

When we receive your image, it will be reduced to 640 by 480 pixels for placement within History Check app.


We encourage keeping your ad designs simple.  If your advertisement has lots of words, or very detailed graphic image, it may not ‘draw the attention’ the same as a more simple design will; in catching the eye of the app user to click on your advertisement image.   

If you do not have a graphic image, our Client Care Agents can request that an advertising image is created for your business by our in-house graphic design team.

What Keywords To Use With Your Business Listing Upgrade?

The focus of keywords it to allow customers to find the products and services you offer. Keywords are important across many sectors as they present the consumer with what they need or want during their Alberta experience.

In selecting your keywords, ask yourself what does your business supply that those traveling across your region may need, or want to access. As History Check includes so many service sectors we have begun to compile a list of keywords that may be utilized.  Ask your Client Care Agent for assistance or contact us at for more information on keyword considerations.

Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

Impact Tourism
346 Center Street
Kinuso, AB, T0G1K0


Or, contact us using Impact Tourism Contact Form

How To Purchase A One Year (1) Business Listing Upgrade

You can complete your Business Listing Upgrade purchase via Paypal below.

You will be charged $350 CAD + 5% GST for a 1 year advertisement placement, renewed every twelve (12) months as an annual advertisement plan. 

Once you have completed payment, you will be forwarded to our “Listing Upgrades Submission” form to complete the Business Listing Upgrade details. 

Alternative Payment Methods:

You may also submit payment by Email Transfer (Interac) by submitting payment to:

Upon processing your payment transaction, our Client Care team will send you an email with a link to the Business Listing Upgrade online form, for you can complete the necessary information to complete your purchase.

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