The Benefits of Market Research Alberta Cultural & Heritage Operations

As you begin to look at ways to integrate cultural and heritage tourism into your operation, it is extremely beneficial to conduct research about your existing, and potential customers, as well as about your competition. Not only does research
enhance the performance of individual cultural and heritage tourism businesses, many opportunities exist to leverage resources with other organizations to share knowledge and collaborate on mutually beneficial initiatives.

Research also helps to improve the quality of a decision and reduce its uncertainty. Although doing research does not always ensure you will make the right business decision every time, it helps to take some of the risk out of decision making.

For instance, the financial risk associated with opening a new exhibit, program or cultural festival can be reduced
by thoroughly researching the market opportunity ahead of time. Product and service improvements can also be more
readily handled when customer feedback is received on an ongoing basis from a research-based guest satisfaction program,
rather than when a business is forced to react to drop-offs in visitor demand.

Many excellent resources exist to help with research in tourism development and management.


  • Better research, better decisions.
  • Marketing research is the systematic and objective collection, analysis and interpretation of information for decision-making about marketing problems of all kinds, using recognized, scientific methods.
  • Marketing research is the term used for the whole range of information intelligence gathering and analysis. It is applicable at every stage of the marketing planning process.
The Benefits of Market Research for Alberta Cultural & Heritage Operations

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