70% of travellers use their mobile devices to research needed services and experiences while travelling.

History Check is creating the most comprehensive collection of Alberta-related heritage, travel services and ‘things to do’ information.

The more travel related information provided to a traveller about the region they are visiting, the more they will spend and the longer they will stay.

Studies have shown 36% of travellers would pay more for tailored travel information and experiences.  The History Check mobile app offers travellers the ability to customize their experience, creating a self-guided tour of Alberta travel experiences and exploration.

Heritage travellers stay longer at their destinations and spend more money than other types of travellers. Over 70% of travellers visited one or more of the following cultural heritage attractions:

  • Historic Attraction
  • Provincial, local or national park
  • Art Gallery or Museum
  • Concert, play or musical
  • Ethnic or ecological heritage site
Travellers say that trips are more memorable if they include a heritage activity where they learn something. Many visitors said they extended their stay because of a heritage activity.
The majority of these travellers stay over night at local hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or campgrounds. Heritage travellers tend to put more money back into the community.

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