Accommodation from Domestic Market – Tourism in Alberta 2016

Accommodation from Domestic Market in Alberta in 2016

Over the course of 2016, domestic visitors spent approximately 38.5 million nights in Alberta. Thirty one per cent of these nights (11.8 million) were spent in the province’s hotels, motels, resorts, cottages, bed and breakfast establishments and other commercial, roofed properties. A further 11% were spent in campgrounds and trailer parks in the province (4.2 million). Over one-half (58%) of all nights spent in Alberta were in the homes of friends and relatives, private cottages and other noncommercial accommodations (22.5 million).

Albertans spent approximately 12 million nights in the homes or cottages of their friends and relatives. They also spent 6.2 million nights in the province’s hotels, motels and other commercial roofed properties. Albertans made up the majority (89%) of all domestic person-nights at campground/trailer parks in the province

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Overnight Travel from Domestic Market - Tourism in Alberta 2016

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