Project Description

Project Brief

History Check App is community heritage preservation and promotion concept created by Sheila Willis of Smith, Alberta. In knowing the general tasks she wanted her concept model to complete, Sheila made contact with Scott Astle as a technology technical consultant.  With the guideance, input, and technology familiarity that Scott brought to the project, Sheila spearheaded the formation of Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society ( in the spring of 2015 to help launch her project.  In November 2018, FHNAS handed the entire project over to Impact Tourism to further advance development, deployment and collaborative integration into communities across Alberta; and then onto other western Canadian Provinces as the project continues to grow.

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Initial Concept Planning

Developing an interactive self-guided touring app that promotes community-level heritage, while introducing and offering access to needed in-community travel services while touring.

Drafts & Revisions

Developing an interactive user interface that allowed travelers to review and plan touring locations activities in advance, while offering the ability to be interactive and share community level historical interests, sites, events, and more.

Final Delivery

Release of version 1.0 of History Check App as proof of concept while offering a hands-on review of the potential the project presents to promote, advance, and stimulate heritage tourism across Canada.

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Strong Collaboration 

History Check App project is founded on strong fundamentals of advancing heritage awareness, tourism services, and economic development through networks of collaborative cooperation and participation. Striving not to duplicate existing services, showcasing unique in-community, locally known heritage highlights, while making travel and touring across Alberta to these wonderful destinations – easy & simple to do .

Excellent Results

The growing success of the History Check App project is highlighted by the ongoing feedback, participation, and app-relative contributions that originate from many participating municipalities, First Nations, .Metis Settlements, community non-profits, heritage and history preservation associations, and local businesses.  The successes and benefits of this project is shared by each community, organizations, and businesses participating.