Swarm Marketing

Impact Tourism has a growing number of alliances & partners, in addition to the cooperative & collaborative marketing from business and heritage site listings on History Check. No other Canadian travel app offers this type of “Swarm Advertising”.

The more businesses that participate in History Check’s In-App Advertising, and the larger the number of other points of interest added, the larger and stronger the advertising swarm becomes.

As the swarm increases, so does the effectiveness of the History Check mandate of collaborative and amplified marketing.

For your business, using audience targeted keywords in your in-app advertisement, ensures your advertising dollars are aimed directly at users looking for specific travel services and amenities you provide. For your community, your in-app advertisement contributes to other advertisers and site listings for a complete view of your community.

With each In-App Advertisements our advertising & marketing budget increases, attracting more app users through our researched approach to targeting these users from those most likely to be visiting Alberta communities like yours.

Through trade shows, conventions, and larger awareness campaigns we can focus on the short & medium distance travelers across western Canada that comprise more than 70+% of most Alberta traveling.

From our time spent researching tourism industry statistics, we know that main travel purpose for roughly 2 out of every 5 trips in Canada by Canadians is to visit friends or family. Roughly about 1/3 of all domestic trips were for holidays, leisure or recreation (equating about 96.4 million trips across the nation in 2018). Trips for other reasons such as attending conventions, trade shows or shopping represented 14.2 per cent of all domestic trips, while 9.6 per cent were for business-related purposes.

By advertising in History Check, you can take advantage of the increased use of mobile devices for finding travel services and contact travellers touring in and through Alberta communities – no other travel app offers this customized and focused approach to targeted customer acquisitions.

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