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Heritage Interpretation Can Help Us On Our Path To Creating Sustainable Tourism.

Have you ever considered why some memories cling to us like a burr on a wool sweater? Perhaps it’s the rush of wind as you stand on the edge of a cliff, the satisfaction of crafting something with your own two hands, or the bustle of an old city bursting with a cacophony of scents and sounds. Can you still savor the flavor of your grandma’s cake, or a memorable, smile invoking past conversation with a stranger? These experiences resonate with us because they involve a direct connection with people and places, engaging all of our senses. They nourish our mind, heart, and spirit, like a hearty soup on a chilly evening. These are the fundamental elements of exemplary heritage interpretation, which we can leverage to reinvigorate our tourism industry, currently seeking novel ways to reinvent itself.

The art of heritage interpretation is a transformative tool that imbues every action, word, and creation with added depth and significance. Interpretation, at its core, is a conduit for communication, immersive experiences, and personal connections – the very things that make our memories enduring. With interpretation as your steadfast ally, you can bring a renewed sense of meaning to your heritage and foster a shared understanding of our collective values through your tourism endeavors. Whether you’re creating a cultural experience or showcasing a historic site, interpretation can elevate your efforts and leave a lasting impact on all those who partake in it.

Are you interested in making your community an unforgettable destination, fostering stronger connections among its members, and providing enriching experiences for your visitors? Are you taking an active role in driving tourism development in your area? Do you recognize the value of heritage interpretation in shaping the future of tourism? Would you be interested in organizing capacity-building training for your staff and other local stakeholders to enhance their skills and knowledge?

“Enabling all who inspire meaningful connections with Canada’s natural and cultural heritage to shape our common.”
The brief explanations below help to qualify the intended meaning behind each of the terms in the statement.

Enabling: Giving them the tools to make the most effective use of interpretation.

Inspire: Emphasizes the positive influence of interpreters to move, guide and make people feel something – the ‘magical’ side, or alchemy, of the profession.

Meaningful connections: Connections between people and heritage that they can (re)discover, relate to and which really matter to them.

Natural and cultural heritage: Natural or cultural? There may still be two schools of thought, our focus is on advancing both types of heritage in unison.

Our common future: Rooted in sustainability, this term originates from the Brundtland Report [Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report, was published on October 1987 by the United Nations through the Oxford University Press.]. Given recent trends, its relevance is undimmed. It emphasizes a collective benefit and provides IE with a springboard to emphasize, when relevant, that our actions contribute to our common future in terms of sustainability, tolerance, inclusiveness, active citizenship and so on.

Canada: While is Alberta-based, fostering Canadian potential nationally, is also part of our purpose.

Our mandate is to revitalize the Alberta tourism sector by making heritage more meaningful to people and promoting mindfulness towards our shared future. We welcome communities, businesses, organizations, and ambassadors who share our vision to advance tourism development in their regions. Through training programs, we equip local hosts, guides, planners, copywriters, and managers with the skills and knowledge needed to create value-oriented tourism products and high-quality experiences that attract visitors seeking deeper connections with local heritage. This not only generates income at a local level but also contributes to the preservation of outstanding heritage and the development of a greener future.

Join our partnership initiatives and host our heritage interpretation training programs in your community. By learning how to recreate tourism through interpretation, you will move beyond the old-fashioned tourism model and become a bright example of a successful story. Our training programs offer more than just a partnership label and wide promotion; they provide the opportunity to create unforgettable memories for visitors and elevate your community’s tourism industry to new heights.

At, we are committed to empowering those who foster meaningful connections with Canada’s natural and cultural heritage to shape our shared future. Our initiatives, whether focused on regional tourism destinations or private enterprise thematic developments, aim to demonstrate the relevance of heritage interpretation in Canada.

We work to achieve this by:

  • Highlighting the economic potential of heritage, while also promoting healthy communities and personal growth.
  • Exploring how heritage can promote cooperation among individuals, groups, and entire countries based on shared Canadian values.
  • Offering training programs to professionals and providers in tourism, culture, nature conservation, and other heritage fields, which can inspire interest and be replicated in neighboring regions or related industries.

Interpretive Hosting – Learning Interpretive Basics
For Groups of 5 to 15, 2 days, $250 per person, depending on materials requested, plus Instructor’s travel, accommodation, meals.
Give Us A Call, Discuss Your Interest & Needs. Request a quote.

Designed for: professionals who work in the tourism and hospitality sector as business owners, employees or volunteers. No previous experience in interpretation is required.

Subjects covered: personal interpretation, interpretive writing, sustainability, meaning making., interpretive writing, sustainability, meaning making.

Please inquire if you would like more information on our other training programs

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