Key Words & Phrases for Travel Services

Below you will see a variety of sites that can be found on the History Check Heritage & Tourism App.

This will be a growing list as we identify keywords that are applicable to various locations.

All site listings and points of interest (POI) can be searched by the name (title) as displayed on History Check and by community. 

Keywords are additional ways to search for attractions, services and products.  To support local community Keywords are free to nonprofit organizations, and businesses are charged less than a dollar a day.  For more info on In-App Advertising Click Here.

Thank you for your patience.

Additional suggestions can be made by emailing

Agricultural Societies

Many AG Societies offer events, activities and hall rentals for both residents and community guests.  Some of the keywords we are adding for users to find services through search are:  Name of Society, AG Societies, Camping, Campgrounds, Community Halls, Family Reunion Venues, Kitchen Rentals, Hall Rentals, Wedding Venues.  (More to come as suggestions are made.)

Alberta Big Icons or World Records

Selfies & Pictures with the really big things is a must when traveling in Alberta.  To find what we have listed on the History Check app search; Alberta Big, World Records, Selfie Spots, or Roadside Attractions.  You can also search by the site such as Vilna Mushrooms, Axe, Wagon Wheel, etc.

Alberta Heritage Signage

We have a list of the GPS coordinates of over 100 Heritage Signs in Alberta, that we are converting to the correct format.  We will publish without images so if you have one to share please email us.  As these signs are added to History Check you will be able to search; Alberta Heritage Signs, Roadside Attractions, Name of Sponsor Organization as well as for information contained on the signs.  NOTE:  If you are from an organization who has created one of these signs, please let us know so we can recognize you on the Point of Interest and share any links you may have.

Alberta’s Oldest . . .

We are adding Albertas Oldest to our search term.  Note the lack of the plural.  You can also search AB Oldest to shorten things up.

Alberta Parks

We are slowly adding in Alberta Parks to the History Check app.  One of the benefits is as content grows, you can enjoy an Alberta Park and explore the community and heritage around it.  To search for an Alberta Park, use Name of Park, Provincial Park, Provincial Rec Area, Camping, Provincial Campsites, or AB Parks.

Annual Events

There annual events of all kinds across Alberta, many of them hosted by non-profits.  In addition to searching words like Rodeos, Fall Fair or Music Festivals and Annual Events we are also adding the month the event is normally held such as July Events.  Other words include; celebrations, Xmas craft sales, concerts, fairs, festivals, performances, fishing tournaments, golf tournaments.  

Antiques Stores

Antiques and other second hand stores are full of treasures.  To search History Check for such stores use; Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles, Collectors, Sellers, Antique Furniture, Antique China, the makers name, or other details.  For advertisers, if If you are going to add a product as a keyword, please ensure it is something you regularly have in stock.

Archaeological Sites (Public Access Only)

Search for: Family Activities, School Field Trips, Interpretive Centres, Kid Activities, Childrens Activities, Outdoor Activities,


There are many more archives in Alberta than one imagines at first glance, many of them specific to their regions.  To find various archives search; Specific Research Area, Archives, Historical Research.  We will be developing more specific keywords as we progress.  If you are an archives, the information to include you is free.  Please send us an email so we can get you listed or upgrade your keywords to give app users more information to find you.

Artisan Markets

There are many talented artists across the province.  In order to highlight their works, we are adding either a Artisans Market, but also invite businesses advertisers to include some of the following as keywords for app users to be aware of your support to local craftspeople; Art, Sculptures, Jewelry, Pottery, Metalwork, Painting, Visual, Media, Open Air Art, Walking Tours, Woodworking, Artisan Markets.

Art Galleries or Open Air Art

Whether an art gallery or a piece of open air art such as sculptures, statues, or murals, all can be included on History Check.  Keywords for search may include Artists Names (limited characters), the type of art such as Paintings, Murals, or if there are regular art showings, or other specifics.

Auto Sales, Service & Repair

Search words can be very specific to makes of vehicles, as well as services offered such as auto repair, auto service, oil changes, courtesy cars, car rentals, auto rentals, jobber parts, emergency auto repair, after hours auto repair, and more.


Stand alone bakeries or other businesses that offers fresh baked goods may use some of the following keywords;  bakery, bakeries, baked goods, fresh pies, locally made, local ingredients, homemade, home style, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, catering.  More to follow.

Barber Shops & Hair Salons

More to follow – keywords include: business name, hair cuts, hair stylists, hair perms, hair care, brand name products used, and other specific services available at location.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts can be found on History Check by searching; Bed and Breakfasts, BNB, Private Bathrooms, Cabins, lodging, gluten free breakfast, vegetarian breakfast.  (more keywords to follow)

Bicycle Sales, Service & Rental

Keywords: Mountain Bike Rentals, Touring Bike Rentals, Electric Bikes, Fat Bikes, Bike Parts, Bike Accessories, Bike Repair,

Bingo Halls & Events

Keywords: Nightly Bingo, Fundraising, Jackpots, Bonanza, Early Bird Games, Bingo Concession, (more to follow)


Bird Watching is a keyword that can be applied to many natural areas and attractions.  Other options include Wildlife Viewing & Photo Opportunities, nesting birds and common species to the area.

Boat Launches

River Access, Concrete or river bank, Maintained boat launch,

Boat Sales, Rentals & Repairs

In Progress.  Keywords: Brand Name of products, Brand Name parts, prop service, prop sales, prop repair, Inboard or Outboard Motors, Repairs, Boat Parts, Boat Accessories, Boat salvage, used boat motors,

Book Stores

We asked online what were some of peoples favorite things to do when vacationing.  Interestingly enough reading was at the top of the list.  While wholly unscientific, it does relate a trend that supports the need for book stores on the History Check app.  Keywords for book stores might include new books, genre of books, book collectibles, book swap, special orders, reading areas, book signings, maps, and more.

Bowling Alleys

An indoor family friendly activity, bowling alleys offers year round family fun. Keywords to search may include: family friendly, food service, liquor licensed, 5 pin bowling, 10 Pin Bowling, birthday parties, family bowling, corporate parties, fundraisers, kids activities, indoor recreation, and more.

Buildings – History

In Progress: Keywords: HBC Building, Dovetail Log Cabins, Masonry, Walking Tours

Cafes & Tea Bars

In progress.  Keywords: Herbal Tea Bar, Vegan Options, Baristas, Espresso, Lattes, Wraps, Sandwiches, Muffins,


In Progress.  Keywords: Provincial Park, Municipal Campground, Private Campground, RV Park, Fishing Access, Full Service, Site Services, Tenting, Pets, Duration Limitations, Camping

Canada Parks

In Progress.  Keywords: RV Park, Fishing Access, Full Service, Site Services, Tenting, Pets, Duration Limitations, Camping, Wildlife Viewing,

Canoes – Sales, Service, Rentals, Guided Tours

In a land full of rivers, lakes and other water bodies canoe and kayaks are pleasure craft used to see some amazing scenery and to put oneself in on a historical water courses used for centuries.  To find sources to purchase, rent, or possibly repair your canoe – or to those offering guided tours search History Check for the following: canoe sales, canoe repairs, canoe parts, canoe rentals, canoe instructors, canoe tours, or canoe groups.

Car Dealerships

Often times car dealerships are big supporters of community.  At first glance they do not seem to be a travel related service, how ever their service centers and parts departments may be needed by travelers.  Another thing to keep in mind that as History Check progresses, complete community guides are being built for residents and guests alike.  In my opinion, it is easier to use History Check to find and call a local number than many other online sources.  Keywords for car dealerships may include; Auto Repair, Auto Service, Car Repair, Mechanics, (Insert Brand Name) Auto Parts, Car Rentals, Courtesy Vehicles, After Hours Auto Repair.

Car & Vehicle Rentals

Auto Rentals, Car Rentals, RV Rentals,


In addition to those located in urban centres, there are numerous cemeteries in rural Alberta that served communities of the past.  As we add these cemeteries to the History Check app, we will include for use in search functions the cemetery name, closest community with services, and the county or municipal district it is located in.  If it is a smaller cemetery and there is memorial signage available for burials in the early 1900’s we will include the names given.  At a future date, we will include the biographies of historical figures of Alberta’s past at their grave sites, that can be documented through various sources of information.

Charging Stations
(Electric Vehicles)

Name of Business, Number of Charging Stations, Locations, Voltage Available, 24 Hour or Limited Hours Charging Stations

Churches & Places of Worship (Abandoned)

Abandoned Alberta, Abandoned Churches, Masonry,

Churches & Places of Worship (In Use)

Keywords: Non-Denominational, Anglican, Catholic, Mennonite or other denomination, Sunday School, Evening Services, Wednesday Services (or other days), Vacation Bible School – use VBS.

Community Halls

Hall Rentals, Corporate Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen Rentals, Campgrounds, Camping, Kid Friendly, Family Friend, Playgrounds (if open to public)

Community Place Name Histories

To see all search CIH vs Community Information History, Search Previous Place Names to See Current Location, Cree Language, Dene Languages, Indigenous Languages, German Settlement, Ukrainian Settlement, or other,

Concerts and Theatre

Annual Events, July Events (or other months), Concert Halls, Music Festivals, Live Performances,

Convenience Stores

Snacks, Deli Foods, Home style Foods, Pizza, Lottery, Rider Friendly, Ice, Fishing Licenses, Auto Fluids, Auto Bulbs, Air for Tires, Fireworks, Ice cream, Local Memorabilia, Souvenirs, Books, Magazines, Vape Supplies, Pipes, Music CDs, Sandwiches, Local Crafts, Local Products, T-Shirts, Hats,

Craft Beer & Wine Locations

Craft Beers, Locally Made, Shop Local, Brand Names, Craft Beer Bar, Wineries, Wine Orchards, Wine Tours,

Cross Country Skiing Trails & Venues

Site listing placed at trail head or supporting venue: Groomed X Country Trails, X Country Ski Rentals, Ski Equipment Rentals,

Culinary Tourism Sites

Will be dependent on the type of site listing.  Cafe, Restaurant, Farm to Table, Open Farm Days, etc.

Cultural Centres

We invite all centres that promote various cultural exchanges and or a particular culture to add their location to History Check.  Keywords will vary, dependent on the culture being recognized.

Cultural Experiences


Keywords: Curling Rinks, Bonspiels, 

Day Use Areas

Dentists and Denture Repair

Dinosaur Digs, Museums, Experiences

Dog Sled Tours

Family Reunion Venues

Farmers Markets

Farm to Table Experiences

Farm Tours & Experiences

Federal Historic Sites

Ferry Landings (Past & Present)

Festivals of All Types

Fire Halls & Emergency Services

Fishing Guides & Tours

Fuel Stations (Gas Stations)

Fuel stations include many amenities, products and services which can be used as keywords.  Examples include firewood, fireworks, fishing licenses, fishing bait, fishing hooks, auto parts, auto pol, windshield washer, hot food, lottery, air for tires, car wash, fresh baking, etc.

Fur Trade Post Sites

Geographical Features of Note

Glamping (Camping & Retreats)

Gluten Free Food Choices

Go Kart Courses

Golf Courses

Grain Elevators (Past & Present)

This icon may vary dependent on if the elevator is still standing, but the Keywords can include the name of the elevator, the owner operators and even employees or management.

Grave Sites (not recognized cemeteries)

In the past, many burials took place on homesteads, or a spot that was scenic and convenient.  These grave sites are not recognized cemeteries and may include a single person or just a few.  In some cased the names are no longer known.  As we place these sites on the History Check app, we will include for use in search functions the name(s) of the deceased, closest community with services, and the county or municipal district it is located in.  If the grave site is located on private land and cannot be seen from the road, we will use the general area to ensure no trespassing, unless we have the owners permission.  As the sites are searchable, this will enable anyone searching for family members to know the vicinity of their loved one.  They can then take further steps to find more information.

Temporary Image

Grocery Stores

In addition to urban centres, there are many smaller grocery stores in the smaller, rural communities of Alberta.  These rural stores often have more than expected.  History Check advertisers may use the following keywords for app users to find their products and services:

Butchers, butcher shops, frozen foods, pharmacies, bulk foods, organic foods, delis, lottery, clothing sales, international foods (can be culturally specific), ice, hunting or fishing licenses, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, local produce, locally made, gift shops, bottled water, frozen foods, camping supplies, hot foods, home style foods etc.

Hair Salons & Stylists

Hair Salons, Hair Stylists, Extensions, Personal Care Sites, Finger Nail Technicians, Waxing, pedicures,

Health Food Stores

Natural Foods, Bulk Foods, Herbal Teas, Essential Oils, Lacto,

Helicopter Tours

Air Tours, Photo Opportunities, Photo Ops,

Heritage Trees

Sites of Historical Trees.  Keywords may include tree name if applicable, name of family that planted it and other details.

Hiking Trails

Heritage Trails (icon may be blue), Nature Trails, Paved Trails, Walking Trails

Historic Sites and Stories

Each site will have specific keywords.  They may include peoples names who influenced the story of the site, eras such as Railway History, events or place names such as previous names association with that area.  Abbreviations are used for businesses and associations such as the keyword for  Canadian National Railway is CNR.

Hospitals & Health Care

Emergency Services, Emergencies, Doctors, Health Care, Health Clinics,

Temporary Image

Hotels, Motels, Inns

Pet Friendly Family Friendly Water Slides Swimming pools Women Only Floors Free Breakfast Concierge Suites Weekly Rates, Star Rating

Interpretive Centres

(Insert) Cultural Experiences, Heritage Experiences, Wagon Rides

Lactose Free Food Choices

A Search phrase.  Lacto Free.

Jet Boat Tours

(Insert Name of River) Boat Tours, Historic Tours

Legions (Royal Canadian Legions)

RC Legions, Bingo, Annual Events, Cenotaphs, Veteran Friendly, 


Kayak Rentals, Kayak Tours, Recreational Rentals, Equipment Rentals,

Kids Adventure Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor Playgrounds, Types of games or play equipment, Kid Friendly, Tot Friendly,

Temporary Image

Laser Tag & Other Indoor Recreational Facilities

Search indoor recreation, family fun, laser tag, family activities,

Temporary Image


Name of Library, Name of Town, Free Wifi, Computers Available, Kid Friendly, Weekly or annual activities

Lions Campgrounds

See Campgrounds and/or search Lions Campgrounds

Liquor Stores

May include ice or other product specific amenities, local beer, local wine, etc.

Local Parks and Picnic Sites

Picnic Areas, splash parks, play grounds, day use areas, barbecue pits, BBQ Pits

Icon may change if park specific to use.

Locked Houses – Escape Rooms

See Escape Rooms

Masseuses and Personal Care 

Can include certification levels, various types of massage etc.

Temporary Image

Mechanics & Auto Repair

Auto Mechanics, Brand Name Repairs, Brand Name Dealerships, Auto Parts


Memorials & Monuments

This can include various memorials to those who have served, remembering community members, schools etc.

Search: School Memorials, Veterans Memorials, Personal Memorials, or by name of person or place remembered, Rider Friendly, Veteran Friendly, Kid Friendly, etc.

Icon Will Change to be graphically information.


Mini Golf Courses

Mini Golf Courses, Kid Friendly, Family Activities, Outdoor Recreation

(Icon will change to a smaller Golf Symbol or image to reflect mini golf vs regular golf)

Mobile Mechanics

Auto Repair, RV Repair, Mobile Mechanic,

Motorcycle Rental & Repair

Motorcycle Rental, Motorcycle Repair, Brand Name Rental, Brand Name Repair, Rider Friendly

Movie Theatres

Movie theatres are indoor cinemas.  Filmed, not live performances.

Municipal Offices

Local or regional governance offices.  Also includes past names of municipality or those combined to create current MD or County.  Similar to Place Name Histories.


Nail Technicians & Other Personal Care

Native Friendship Centres

Friday (or other day) Lunches, Indigenous Crafts, Native Services, Indigenous Services, Indigenous Friend Centres, Thrift Stores, Authentic Indigenous Arts and Crafts,Handmade, Traditional, Soup and Bannock Lunches

Off Highway Vehicle Trails

Placed at staging areas / access points

Open Air Markets

May include a variety including farmers markets, part of an community event etc.

Open Farm Days Participants

Used as a keyword to indicate an opportunity during annual open farm days participants.

Paintball Courses and Other Recreational Facilities

Paintball centres, indoor & out.

Petting Zoos

Petting Zoos may be an permanent location or used as a keyword for festivals, fairs and other events.

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

Keyword: Drug Stores, Family Business, Pharmacists, Prescriptions, First Aid Supplies, OTC Medicines, Groceries, Lottery, Baby Care, Herbal Products, Cosmetics, 

Photography Opportunities

From wildlife, action, beautiful landscapes, sunsets and northern lights, Alberta offers options for photographers of all genres.

Keyword: Photo opp

Potable Water Sources

In progress.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Powwow Arbors

With respect to First Nations, Powwow sites will be placed with consultation of host.  If you would like your site added, please email

Provincial Historic Sites & Resources

We are adding both Provincial Historic Sites and Resources.  You can search “Provincial Historic Sites” or “PHS” to shorten things up.  For Provincial Registered Historic Resources, search “PRHR” as an abbreviation.

Railway Excursions

In Progress.

Ranch & Farm Experiences

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Road Side Attraction

Roadside attractions may include Alberta Big Icons, Heritage Signage and other Points of Interest.

Recreation Centres (Indoors & Outdoors)

In Progress.  Thank you for your patience.  Icon will change to be graphically informative.

Residential School Sites

Consultation required prior to adding


Birthday Specials, Breast Feeding Friendly, (Culture) Cuisine, Delivery, Family Friendly, (Culture) Food, Homemade Foods, Lacto, Licensed Dining, Queer Positive, Rider Friendly, Take Out, Veg Options, Vegan Menu, Vegetarian Menu, Vegetarian Choices


Womens Retreats, Yoga Retreats, Writers, Retreats, Scrapbooking Retreat

Rider Friendly Businesses

Applies as a search term to all businesses and attractions who welcome motorcyclists

Riding Arenas

Gymkhanas, horse arena rentals, horse experiences, horse activities


Rodeos, Annual Rodeos, Community Name, Annual Events, July (or month of event) Events, Family Friendly Activities, Bull Riding.  The icon will be changed to reflect more excitement. 

RV Parks (Provincial, Municipal, Privately Owned) 

Services Sites, Powered Sites, Showers,  More to follow – in progress.

RV Sales, Service, Rental, Storage

In progress.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Sanitation Dump Sites

RV Services, RV Sanidumps, Sanitation Dumps,

School Sites (Former)

Name of School, Year of opening, Nearest community with services,

Selfie Spots

A keyword that can be used in a variety of places

Seniors Drop In Centres

Friday Lunches (or other days) Crib Tournaments, Shuffleboard, Bingo, Community History Book Library, Local History Book Sales,


In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Skateboard Parks

In progress.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.  This may be a stand alone Point of Interest (POI) or a keyword.

Skating Rinks (Indoor & Outdoor)

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Skidoo Trails

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Ski Hills & Cross Country Trails

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Sky Diving

In progress.


In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Spas & Other Personal Care Sites

In progress.  Thank you for your patience. Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Splash Parks / Water Parks

Splash parks may be a stand alone Point of Interest (POI) or be part of another site.  Keywords include splash parks, spray parks, kids fun, outdoor activities, kids summer activities, with more to follow.

Sports Equipment Rentals

Keywords will be based on the item you are looking for followed by rentals.  More to follow.  The icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Sporting Goods Stores

If your Alberta experience includes outdoor and recreation activities, use the keywords sporting goods, bicycle accessories, bicycle sales, fishing licenses, hunting licences, fishing tackle, fishing bait, ammunition, fishing lures, fishing poles, tackle boxes, helmets, and other assorted products and services.  We are developing this list to include more keywords.  The icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Statues of Note and other art forms

The object to see will carry different keywords such at statues, the name of any personal representations, artists name and other indicators.  If it is historically significant the icon will be blue.

Theatres – Live Performances

In progress.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Theatres – Movies

Keywords would include movie theatres, movie theaters, cinemas, indoor activities, family friendly with more to follow.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Towing Services

Keywords:  Towing, Tow Trucks, AMA

More to follow and icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Trail Heads – All Activities

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Train Stations (Existing & Past Sites)

The coming of the railways altered the landscape, moved communities, and had a profound impact on the history of the province.  Many communities were created based on the location of the railways.  There are several ways to search for this information, which is still being developed.  Abbreviations are used for specific lines such as EDBC from Edmonton Dunvegan & British Columbia Railway, or CNOR for Canadian Northern Railway.  To see all sites added use the keywords “train stations“.  For past sites use train station sites, and those still in use, existing train stations.    We will continue to develop additional keywords.

Treaty Signing Sites & Monuments

Some signage of Treaty Territories has been placed on History Check.  Additional recognition of Treaty will follow.  For monuments on reserve land, we will be consulting with the Nation for permissions and content delivery.  We thank them for their patience, as we continue to develop these relationships.  Any are welcome to reach out to us in the meantime.  The icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Trout Ponds – Stocked Ponds

If you have the fishing bug, or want to take your kids fishing, we are adding stocked ponds to the History Check app.  Keywords would include: Fishing, Kids Activities, Trout Ponds, Stocked Ponds, Stocked Lakes, Ice Fishing, as well as other amenities such as campgrounds, fire pits, boat launches etc.

U Pick Gardens

Keywords may include the type of fruit or produce such as U pick Strawberries or U pick blueberries.  More keywords to follow.  Icon will be changed to be visually informative.

Viewpoints – Scenic Views

These may be Points of Interest or Keywords to search by.  When searching the icon will show you whether it is a stand alone site or part of another attraction.  Look out points, great views and other types of must see sites are being added to History Check.  Be sure to check if they are roadside attractions,  or require hikes to see.  Keywords would also include river views, mountain views, lookout points.  More to follow.

Vegan & Vegetarian Food Choices

Finding places to eat when you have specific food needs is sometimes difficult.  We are adding these food requirements as keywords on History Check to make it easier to satisfy your food needs.  Keywords for restaurants would include; Vegan Diets, Vegetarian Diets, Vegan Menu, Vegetarian Menu, Vegan Options, Vegetarian Options.  These search words may also bring up grocery stores to recognize these choices in smaller, rural grocery stores.  If you have other suggestions or what you would search keywords for, please let us know.

Veterinary Clinics

For all of those who travel with their 4 legged family members, we are adding this service on History Check.  Keywords may include; vets, vet clinics, pet supplies, pet medicines, after hours vet services, emergency pet services, large animal vet services.  More to follow.  The Icon will change to be visually informative.

Visitor Information Centres

Local Visitor Information Centres are places for local information, current events, maps and brochures.  To find them on History Check simply use the bottom middle tab “Visitor ?”.  We also have added to search functions as; VIC, picnic tables, free WiFibaby change stations, gift shops, souvenirs, local memorabilia and other amenities.  Note for operators:  This is a complimentary listing.  Contact us to add or edit your site listing.

Wagon Rides

Wagon Rides are primarily a keyword that will identify another attraction or services such as a museum, fair, etc.  The icon will reflect that site.

Walking Tours

Walking tours is primarily a keyword.  The color of the icon will reflect the type of tour, such as blue for historical walking tour etc.  Self guided walking tour, lead walking tours, would be other keywords.  The icon will be changed to be visually information.

Wedding Venues

Wedding venues is a keyword to be searched.  The icon will reflect the type of place the venue is available. 

Wildlife Viewing & Attractions

In progress.  Thank you for your patience.

Windshield Repair & Auto Glass

Mishaps happen, and we are working on adding the following keywords through business advertisers; windshield repair, open long weekends, chip repair, auto glass. (More to follow) The icon will be updated to be visually informative.


When businesses or areas that offer this service are added they will include the keywords Ziplining, Outdoor Recreation, and other related keywords.  The Point of Interest Icon will be upgraded to visually indicate the activity.

World Records

Alberta is home to many world record sites.  They may be selfie spots, or Points of Interest (POI).  Some of the keywords used are: world records, worlds largest, selfie spots, roadside attractions, or listed by type of attractions such golf tee, pick axe etc.

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